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Cloth Doll Patterns free (English Version)

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First lesson, the Basic Doll: COUNTRY DOLL

Material needed  

Light beige fabric needed for the body

Color to paint on the fabric (face only) 

Hot glue and a pack of "maxi curl " hair 


Patterned fabric for the dress

Pattern is on a full size

Fold fabric right side together and trace doll body outline with air soluble pen .

Cut fabric considering that the margin is already been included.

- Arm : sew along the outline leaving open only the small section indicated on pattern.

- Make legs using arms procedure.

Sew arms and legs to the body front side. ( position is shown on pattern) and fold them within it.

Place body back side on top and sew from point A to point B including arms and legs.

Turn inside out.

Stuff doll body and sew sub to the lower opening . Sew sub all opened part left.

If head is a little flat, help yourself with a long needle and spread padding as much as you can.

Later when there will be hair and bonnet, head will acquire the right shape.

I painted my doll face with proper fabric colors. First I drew facial features with air soluble pen then I painted face .

Stick hair with hot glue.


Trace outline dress on patterned fabric placed right sides together.

Cut and sew shoulders. Then make two strings for the sleeve.  

One above the arch leading to the measure of the sleeve bow bodice previously sewn.

One to the lower part carring the width of the sleeve to the doll wrist.

Fold the cuff and sew right sides together to the sleeve.

Then right sides together sew the lateral side of the bodice and sleeve.

Hem neck and add lace.

Cut a retangle of 60 cm for 21 for the skirt and hem the bottom.

Curl top with a string and sew right sides together to the bodice. 

Sew centre back of the skirt and sew a velcro to the bodice back.


Bonnet back - once

Bonnet in front - twice

Join the two peace in front right sides together and sew from point A to point B .

Turn and iron hem base on behind part. Right sides unite behind to the front of the bonnet.


Prepare fabric right sides together and cut twice the panties outline. Sew center front and join sides .

Rifold a hem with a passing elastic on waist. Then introduce the elastic.

Hem bottom legs sewing lace .


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